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Best gaming cases


The world of gaming PCs is a tough market to crack. There are all types of ups and downs associated with picking a gaming computer that’s right for your lifestyle.

You can even run into issues in finding a computer with the specs you want. Maybe you care more about the sound than the graphics, but all the computers you find that will run Titanfall 2 have subpar sound quality.

One of the best ways to overcome the agonizing pain of find the perfect match is to simple build your own PC. Today we are here to go over one of the most important parts that your new power house will need the casing.

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Case Suggestions


Under $60

In this category, you will find the bottom tier gaming cases of our list, those cases will work for you if you are looking to build a high-end single-GPU, or even a dual-GPU setup.

One of the downsides is that they will most of the time come with only 1 fan. You can purchase additional fans for those cases later on if you wish so do not fear if your budget only allows you buy in this category, these will do the job perfectly for beginner build.

Corsair Carbide best gaming casesCorsair Carbide Series 100R computer case

Corsair Carbide Series 100R computer case

A simple design and simple to the point features are key features of this product.

This mid size tower case at first glance looks humble, but is actually a fantastic housing for your custom PC.

Several features to ease regular maintenance and optimize performance have been built in already, and this listing even includes a free cooling fan to keep the PC parts running cool without having to buy an extra piece.

  • Side window allows you to visually check parts without opening the case as well as an easy open casing
  • USB 3.0 Compatible, and SSD compatible
  • Design directs airflow to GPU to keep it cool, as well as 5 fan mounts for maximum cooling potential
  • Direct Airflow to Top GPU: Direct airflow gives your GPU added cooling for intense gaming sessions
  • Mid size housing allows for less parts, and a large amount of space set aside for specific parts limits customization of PC power
  • Basic design limits your ability to customize the appearance of the case
  • Little extra space for organizing cables
Thermaltake Versa best gaming casesThermaltake Versa H21 computer case

Thermaltake Versa H21 computer case


A more stylish tower, this case is focused entirely on providing an adequate housing for a powerful gaming PC.

A focus on slots for storage and airflow to keep parts cool is the driving force behind this case’s design.

It is also a rather lightweight case and optimizes internal space organization to retain as small a size as possible.

  • USB 3.0 Slot, options for DVD disc trays and similar pieces
  • Fan included, as well as extra fan slot and advanced airflow design to keep parts cool
  • Optimal space for wiring parts together
  • Some pieces are not as sturdy as they could be
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to break
  • Little extra space for organizing cables
Zalman ATX Z1 Neo best gaming casesZalman ATX Z1 Neo computer case

Zalman ATX Z1 Neo computer case


Rounding out the low price range of our list, this is one of the most visually striking of the cheaper cases.

This case focuses on a visual appearance as well as a great performance for your PC.

It comes standard with several LED lights on various parts of the case to give it a modern look.

  • Large amounts of space for internal pieces
  • 7 expansion slots
  • USB 3.0 and 2.0 slots ready for use
  • Sacrifices extra DVD tray type ports for additional internal space
  • No space for additional fans, only included fans and associated slots
Deepcool TX Tesseract best gaming casesDeepcool TX Tesseract computer case

Deepcool TX Tesseract computer case


While the Zalman sports a sleek design, this model offers more of a light show and a few different feature options.

This case offers a more simple design that includes several LEDs to create a blue glow on the front and side of the case.

It offers great cable management space, several disc drive slots, and lots of room for typical parts and expansions. It is noted for having excellent airflow to keep parts cool and being very easy to install your PC parts into.

It is also on of the cheapest cases you can find and does not sacrifice quality or durability to achieve this.

  • 1 USB 3.0 slot, along with 2 USB 2.0 and all other ports and power buttons in neat alignment at the top of the case
  • Includes two fans and has room for two additional fans
  • Very low price and great for beginners
  • Is slightly smaller than other cases and could cause space issues
  • LEDs can not be adjusted, and are very bright


Under $100

In this category we upgraded our picks, if you have some extra money in your budget then you can allow yourself to put more money on a gaming case.

The biggest difference is the style, you will find with more expensive cases are more than the original all black boxes, they begin to include LED lights, colored fans or side panels.

Most of the cases we picked can hold just any setup you have in mind, from water cooling to a multi video card setup, they also have most of the time some kind of wire management system.

Nanoxia Deep Silence 4 best gaming casesNanoxia Deep Silence 4 computer case

Nanoxia Deep Silence 4 computer case


This is a smaller case than others in this price range, but offers a lot of similar features.

The design is meant to be simplistic and focus on space organization inside to offer the most workable space and options for your PC build.

It does have the ability to fit a water cooling system, however you have to remove space for two HDD slots that could make your computer run smoother.

Aside from this the case does not sacrifice any ports or possible drive slots to add space inside but keep the overall size smaller.

  • Up to five HDD slots, and several fan slots
  • Two high powered fans included
  • Nearly silent operation
  • Must remove space for HDD to add water cooling system if desired
  • The options mostly come at the cost of sacrificing some other type of space, typically HDD space
NZXT S340 best gaming casesNZXT S340 computer case

NZXT S340 computer case


Another case that may seem simple at first glance, this case actually has a very advanced design and looks fantastic up close. A simple rectangular shape houses a large space for internal pieces and a large cooling fan to keep it all running smoothly.

It does sacrifice some compatibility to offer as much space as possible and there are a wide variety of configurations that work with getting your PC parts inside and running.

This case also comes in various colors including black and white as well as a black and red, green or blue pattern.

  • 2 USB 3.0 Ports
  • Easy access to parts, and a clear window side to allow for view of PC in action
  • Mostly Steel construction for durability
  • Limited cable maneuverability, makes connecting parts effectively a challenge
  • No DVD drive slot, external disc drive required to use discs with PC
Corsair Carbide best gaming casesCorsair Carbide Series Spec 02 computer case

Corsair Carbide Series Spec 02 computer case


A case designed for gaming always has a focus on keeping parts cool to allow you to push your PC to its maximum potential without any damage to the parts.

This case is a perfect example of this with a heavy focus on fan slots and even includes two fans, while most cases only come with one at max in this price range.

The case has a rather interesting external design and looks well built as well as futuristic. The case also has clear spaces for specific parts to make putting your PC together a breeze.

You can also opt for the Spec 01, an older version that is mostly the same with some older model additions and slighlty less feature heavy to lower the cost.

  • 6 total fan mounts, two included fans, and advanced airflow design
  • Easy to run cords between parts making set up easy
  • Side panel window, and several air grates to allow air to easily flow through the PC
  • Some quality issues reported with certain cases
  • Smaller internal space than other cases of the same size
Cooler Master HAF 912 best gaming casesCooler Master HAF 912 computer case

Cooler Master HAF 912 computer case


This case has very interesting aesthetics and offers quality in every corner.

Interestingly it also offers several different case designs with the same features so if the price and feature list match what you are looking for there is most likely a design that will fit your aesthetic desire as well.

This model excels at providing the maximum cooling options, there are 6 available fan slots and the case is designed to accommodate water cooling systems as well.

IT is also noted for having excellent airflow to reduce the load on fans so that you don’t need to have all slots filled for normal workloads, but overclocking will be much easier for your PC parts to survive if you have several fans, in this case, to boost the cooling factor even higher.

If you don’t feel the HAF 912 has all the space you’re looking for, there is the HAF X which offers more space for fans, parts, more USB ports and some updated features.

The HAF X is much more expensive, but the list of feature significantly rises for the newer model.

  • Water cooling outlets
  • Advanced airflow
  • Various shell designs to appeal to many different aesthetic designs
  • Biggest features lie in cooling system and little else is offered
  • Not the cheapest available, especially when considering full features list


Under $200

Welcome in the big league gaming cases.  Those cases were created to show off your hardware, the sides of the cases are made with plastic or tempered glass. They can also feature LED lighting, Sound Suppression and supports those high-end water cooling solutions you always dreamed of.

They can also feature LED lighting, Sound Suppression and supports those high-end water cooling solutions you always dreamed of.

You can expect to have a better than average airflow as they include 4 to 6 fans straight out of the box.

NZXT Switch 810 best gaming casesNZXT Switch 810 computer case

NZXT Switch 810 computer case


This case is both expensive and colossal. A large modern design that opts out of fan slots to offer multiple slots for installing an advanced water cooling system.

The case also offers with it a vast amount of space to accommodate various types of PC parts and makes wire management much easier.

It also has a large clear panel on the side to allow you to peer into the inner workings of your PC and keep an eye on the water system.

While water cooling systems are becoming more popular if you are worried about using one this may not be the case for you, as while it does have great airflow, three fans may not be enough for more heat prone builds.

  • Spacious design offers almost limitless potential for your build
  • Water cooling options offer an alternative to possibly noisy fans
  • No sacrifices of features to allow for certain parts
  • Massive case may not fit in normal desks and will take up lots of space
  • Little provided for those less in favor of water cooling systems
Phanteks Enthoo Evolv best gaming casesPhanteks Enthoo Evolv computer case

Phanteks Enthoo Evolv computer case


This is one of the more expensive cases, and as such it does come with more bells and whistles.

Several slots for memory and an advanced sleek design makes this case look and feel durable to match its price.

It is made to house higher end internal parts so if you are looking to build as advanced a PC as possible this case may provide exactly what you need.

It does seem to fall short in the airflow category, but that seems to be its only big downfall in performance.

  • Customizable LEDS
  • Several slots for HDD and SDD memory made easy to install
  • Three fans included
  • Poor ventilation, several reviews report needing to modify the case
  • High price for a case with such a negative con of ventilation
MasterCase Maker 5 best gaming casesMasterCase Maker 5 computer case

MasterCase Maker 5 computer case


This case makes it obvious that the high price comes for a reason. There are several advanced features on this case to help you keep maximum control over your PC and its functions.

The front panel looks simple enough, but it allows you to control fans and LEDS and has several USB 3.0 ports.

A magnetic system for panels makes getting in and out of the case extremely simple while also offering a sound dampening construction to lower the sound of fans.

Anyone looking for a mid range price and advanced features should definitely look into this case.

  • Advanced front panel for complete control over Fans and LEDS
  • 6 fan slots, and two included
  • Durable construction with easy access and sound blocking to cut fan noise
  • Included fans are not very high quality
  • Does require higher budget


Under $500

Now the overkills ! They are SO beautiful but most of us won’t use all the features they offer, so make sure you need the following features before ordering :

Are you looking to build a computer with 13 hard drives?  This is the category for you!
Are you looking to create a monster and setup a 4-way SLI GPU ? I envy you !
Ever dreamed of owning a case has a design inspired by a race car ? Look no further !

NZXT Phantom 820 best gaming casesNZXT Phantom 820 computer case

NZXT Phantom 820 computer case


This is probably the most aesthetically pleasing case on this list. As one of the most expensive cases listed it offers some of the best features on the list.

Customizable internal LEDS allow you to light up the inside of your PC any way you want while viewing the parts through a futuristic looking window design.

The case also allows for all included parts to be easily replaced with minimal work so repairs are never a big deal.

As a high-end case, it offers lots of space, a fantastic cooling system and control over your PC parts.

This case offers lots of ports as well and doesn’t require work to get a proper air circulation going as it includes four large fans.

  • 2 USB 3.0 ports and 4 USB 2.0
  • Four large fans included for fantastic airflow that all run quiet
  • Durable, advanced design that offers some of the highest quality features you can find
  • Large design makes it a little harder to place
  • Hefty price tag even considering features
Corsair Obsidian 900D best gaming casesCorsair Obsidian 900D computer case

Corsair Obsidian 900D computer case


This is one of the most expensive cases on the list, and the full features list explains why. This tower is rather large, and has a simple design that leads you to think it might not be much of a feature heavy case.

The opposite is true, as this case includes four fans and can house up to fifteen total fans to offer the most customizable airflow out of any case listed.

The same goes for memory, there are 9 slots for memory drives, and you can upgrade the case with more cages to add up to 15 total slots.

The massive size of the case is explained quickly by just how much you can put in it to get things running. There are even four slots for disc drives, meaning you can load this case up with as much power and even have several disc drives working at once.

This case does come with a hefty price tag but it is a real monster when it comes to how much power you can fit inside.

There is also an Obsidian 750 worth mentioning that is cheaper as it is an older model, but does cut some space and has slightly fewer ports for USBs and other accessories but greatly reduces the cost.

The 750 is definitely the way to go if you want the quality and options of the 900 but don’t want to spend the large sum it costs.

  • Includes four fans, and slots for 11 more to be added
  • 9 SDD slots, four disc drive slots
  • 2 USB 3.0 slots, 4 USB 2.0 Slots
  • Colossal size to house all the space
  • Large price tag for mostly empty space
Cooler Master Cosmos II best gaming casesCooler Master Cosmos II computer case

Cooler Master Cosmos II computer case


The product description notes that the design for this case was inspired by sports cars, and it has that sleek look for sure.

This case focuses of large amounts of space for fans and memory without sacrificing space for other parts.

Several USB ports are available, as well as disc drive ports that many other large cases may omit.

This does make the case a bit heavy when considering it is constructed mostly of steel for durability.

The case also is designed for maximum possible airflow and ease of access to parts for repairs, replacements or to vent air if needed.

  • 10 Fan slots and 13 HDD slots
  • Fantastic airflow to keep your PC running cool
  • Huge amounts of space for more parts
  • Extremely heavy and therefore harder to move around
  • No SDD slots for more advanced memory devices


Picking The Case
Ok, so we all know that building a gaming computer can be a tough thing to do when you’re not quite aware of all the parts that go into it. We also know that it can be one of the most rewarding things you can do for the longevity of the hardware and the comfort of your wallet.

That being said let’s look at some things you may need to look into when picking out the case that hold the computers most essential hardware.

Before you begin the process of picking out your case get an idea of the parts you want to put inside of the case.

Most cases currently support all the popular ATX sizes (Standard – Micro – Mini), however, before ordering we advise you to make sure that in the ATX size of the motherboard match the case specifications.
Here is an image from Wikipedia that presents the most popular sizes.
all motherboard sizes available to fit your case

Take down the measurements for the hardware you most want and try to pick out a few variables if at all possible. Also make a price point for your overall building expenses and subtract everything out to know how much money you will have to work with.

If your priority is having every expansion slot in the motherboard filled, it will end up taking a large amount of space up inside the case.

Always make sure to read reviews or ask an expert for help to make the most informed decisions. When buying online try to use websites like amazon that have proven customer reviews for your usage.

The Perfect Fit

Ventilation is a main component in any computers run status and well being. A poorly ventilated computer can overheat causing damage over time within the computer possibly leading to the motherboard,warp usb drive, cause bad hard drive sectors, or worse.

When looking at a case for your PC, always make sure it has a good ventilation rating to keep from heat-based accidents in the future.phantom nzxt best gaming cases

Also make sure that the vents are placed where airflow can happen without much of a struggle to the fans. Never put anything over a vent or place a computer in an airflow obstructing area.

Expansion slots are essential to installing working parts within your computer. In slots you will usually place expansion cards such as your graphics card, network card, and sound cards.

They allow for open access for an installed expansion card’s ports where you can plug-in needed cables and other accessories including your ethernet cord for your internet connection.

Always make sure the case you buy has sufficient slots in conjunction with the amount of slots that your motherboard has.

USB ports are the computer’s connection to the outside world. USB ports allow for many accessories to connect and communicate to your computer such as external hard drives, keyboards, and mice.

They will also help when using gaming accessories such as gamepads and headsets. There is also the difference between USB 2.0 and 3.0 that you will need to consider as their read/write speeds differ greatly. How many USB ports will you need to maximize your computer’s usage?

Durability is one of the most important aspects of defending your computer from damage. Without a durable case, damage can easily happen to your hardware causing impairments to your computer and its performance.

A cheaply made case may be more appealing from a price point perspective at first, but there is always the very high chance of your foot or pet hitting the case. Make sure the case you pick has a thick or heavy duty material to keep your fragile parts from taking unnecessary damage from the outside world.nanoxia silence best gaming cases

Size comes into play when you know what parts you want in your computer. The case can only hold so much or so little and you don’t want to overspend on something you may never need or want to upgrade.

Same goes the other way around if you part’s measurements won’t fit into your desired case you will need to shop around for a better fit. Also, think of the space you are planning to put the PC in and plan accordingly so you don’t get stuck with placing the PC in and unfit spot where harm may ensue.

Ease of access to the internal working of the computer should come into play as well. As much as you should want your computer to hold everything perfectly in place you should also want it to be able to allow access to the pieces it’s holding.

An easy to work with computer allows for future upgrades to be installed without a lot of hassle and repairs to be easily made should anything go amiss in the future. Try to look for a case that is known for being upgradable within the PC building community.

Additional Thoughts:

  • Try not worry as much about aesthetics with your computer casing. If a computer is durable, but ugly it can be put in a computer cabinet or placed to the side of the desk where it is least visible.
  • Good casing won’t always look the sleekest, but it will take you a lot farther than a showy piece that can’t hold your intended hardware.
  • Things to watch out for:
  • Ventilation slots that seem badly placed or lack thereof.
  • Strange sized cases that don’t seem to be a good fit.
  • Cheap material or shaky parts.
  • Hard to open or work with cases.


Bad Reviews alluding to the case material easily harmed or warped by normal heat output.

Lastly, there are always professionals that build computers for a living. Never shy away from asking them for advice or even working with them to build your dream PC.deepcool best gaming cases

Plenty of people now go to school for computer design and repair because of the complicated process involved with it. If you do choose to build it yourself always remember to take your time and work in a static-free environment to prevent damage to computers parts, Thermal paste is also tricky to use requirement when installing some processors and is best practiced with before final usage.

If you’re still overwhelmed by all the choices available let us help you out! We have compiled a list below of some pretty reliable gaming cases that we found across the internet. Here’s hoping we can help find you an amazing case for your gaming PC needs.



As stated before there are a ton of things to consider before picking a case for your PC. You’ll need to check that all your parts are compatible and that that the case has enough space for you to include all the parts you wish to include for later upgrades.

We would recommend the NZXT Phantom 820 due to its rather mid range price tag, space for parts, customization and great airflow to keep the PC cool.

Of course if your budget doesn’t allow for a higher end case the cheaper ones don’t sacrifice too much quality to lower their price.